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Algorithms for Advanced Tropical Cyclone Visualization
Assessing the Potential Impact of Gifts Data to Severe Convective Precipitation          Prediction
Assimilation of Airs Radiance Observations into a Mesoscale Model
Assimilation of GPS Radio Occultation Observations
Assimilation of Hyperspectral Satellite Radiance Observations within Tropical Cyclones
Climate Feedback Analysis of the GFDL IPCC AR4 Global Warming Simulation
Comparison Between Satellite Observed and Dropsonde Simulated Surface Sensitive Microwave Channel Observations within and Around Hurricane Ivan
Comparison of H*Wind Analyzed and Satellite Microwave Wind Datasets Around Tropical Storm Winds of Hurricane Earl (2010)
Detection of Radio Frequency Interference over Ocean
Ensemble-Mean Dynamics of Low-Frequency Variability and Cloud Temperature Profile Retrieval Using GPS RO Data
Estimate of Tropical Cyclone Parameters Based on Microwave Humidity Sounders
Evaluation of Carbon Monoxide Dispersion in Complex Terrain Using a Lagrangian Particle Dispersion Model Driven by WRF Output
Exploring Potential Applications of Quikscat Surface Winds and Gps Radio Occultation Data to Tropical Cyclone Initialization and Prediction
FengYun-3B Microwave Humidity Sounder (MWHS) Data Noise Characterization and Filtering Using Principle Component Analysis
Generation of an Empirical Soil Moisture Initialization and Its Potential Impact on Subseasonal Forecasting Skill of Continental Precipitation and Air          Temperature
Incorporating TPC Observed Parameters and QuikSCAT Surface Wind Observations into Hurricane Initialization Using 4D-Var Approaches
Influence of Small-Scale Sea Surface Temperature Gradients on Surface Vector Winds and Subsequent Impacts on Oceanic Ekman          Pumping
Mesoscale Data Assimilation for Improving Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts
Objective Regional Cloud Mask Algorithm for GOES Infrared Imager with Regime-Dependent Thresholds for Direct Radiance Assmilation
Polarization Signature in Micro-Wave Humidity Sounder Window Channels
Post-Processing Improvements to an Ensemble Forecast Using an Archive of Past Forecasts          and Verifications
Preliminary Steps Towards Improving Short-Term QPF Using Airs Observations Through 4D-Var Data Assimilation
Quality Control Procedure for Assimilating Airs Radiance Data into a Mesoscale Model
Short-Range QPF over Korean Peninsula Using Nonhydrostatic Mesoscale Model & "Future Time" Data Assimilation Based on Rainfall Nowcasting from GMS Satellite          Measurements
Study of the Probability of Clear Line of Sight Through Single-Layer Cumulus Cloud Fields in the Tropical Western Pacific
Tropical Cyclone Inner-Core Dynamics
Untangling the Satellite Estimated Aerosol Indirect Effect
Warm Seclusion Extratropical Cyclones