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Anatomy of Oligocene-Miocene Debris Flows and Slumps from Demerara Rise
Applications of Calcareous Nannofossils and Stable Isotopes to Cenozoic Paleoceanography
Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy, Evolution, and Taxonomy in Two Problematic Intervals
Calcareous Nannoplankton as Paleoceanographic and Biostratigraphic Proxies
Effect of Dissolution of the Florida Carbonate Platform on Isostatic Uplift and          Relative Sea-Level Change
Effect of Major Storms on Morphology and Sediments of a Coastal Lake on the Northwest          Florida Barrier Coast
Evolution of the Beach Ridge Strandplain on St. Vincent Island, Florida
High-Resolution Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphic Applications
Holocene Diatoms Recovered from Shaldril I Cores, Maxwell Bay, Antarctica
Holocene Diatoms Recovered in the Firth of Tay, Antarctic Peninsula (Sites NBP0602A-8 and NBP0703-02JPC)
Investigations of the Ecology of Calcareous Nannoplankton and Nannofossils in the North-East Gulf of Mexico to Help Establish a Baseline for Environmental Impact Studies
Marine-Influenced Siliciclastic Unit (Citronelle Formation) in Western Panhandle Florida
Miocene Climate Transitions in the Southwest Pacific, Tasmania
Oligocene-Lower Miocene Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy of ODP Leg 154 Hole 929A from the Western Equatorial Atlantic at          the Ceara Rise
Pleistocene Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy of Site U1352, Canterbury Basin, New Zealand
Pliocene-Pleistocene Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy of IODP Hole 1396C Adjacent to Montserrat Island in the Lesser Antilles, Caribbean Sea, Plus Experimentally          Induced Diagenesis