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African Easterly Waves and Their Relationship to Rainfall on a Daily Timescale
Analysis and Evolution of Balance in Unstable Barotropic Jets
Analysis of Cyclogenesis for Mid-Latitude and Tropical Storms Using the Petterssen-Sutcliffe Development Equation
Assimilation of GPS Radio Occultation Observations
Balanced and Unbalanced Flow in Primitive Equation Model Simulations of Baroclinic Wave Life Cycles
Boundary Layer Structure in Landfalling Tropical Cyclones
Climatic Variability in Central Africa and Its Link to Sea Surface Temperature and the          El Nino/La Nina
Dynamical Variability of Tropospheric Ozone during Indoex
Dynamics of the Wind Field Expansion Associated with Extratropically Transitioning          Tropical Cyclones
Effect of Radiative Transfer on the Atlantic Subtropical Anticyclone and Hurricane          Steering
Effects of Cumulus Parameterizations and Radiation Schemes on Tropical Cyclone Frequency and Structure
Ensemble-Mean Dynamics of Low-Frequency Variability and Cloud Temperature Profile Retrieval Using GPS RO Data
Evolution of Barotropically Unstable, High-Rossby Number Vortices in Shear
Evolution of the Organization of Convection and Scale Interactions during Hurricane          Genesis
Examination of Tropical Cyclone Evolution Using Curvature Vorticity and Shear Vorticity
Expanding Database of Dual-Doppler Tropical Cyclone Observations
Hurricane Surface Wind Model for Risk Management
Impact of Anomalous Aerosol Heating on the Onset of the Asian Summer Monsoon
Incorporating TPC Observed Parameters and QuikSCAT Surface Wind Observations into Hurricane Initialization Using 4D-Var Approaches
Investigation of Coherent Tropopause Disturbances Using a High Resolution Global          Model
Mesoscale Superensemble Forecasts with a Suite of Models over the Continental United States and North America
Numerical Investigation of the Impact of Ice Hydrometeors on the Intensity of Hurricane Isabel
Observational Analyses and Idealized Numerical Simulations of African Wave Dynamics
Observational Analysis and Retrieval of Snowfall Using Satellite Data at High Microwave Frequencies
On Determining the Hurricane Boundary Layer
Post-Processing Improvements to an Ensemble Forecast Using an Archive of Past Forecasts          and Verifications
Prediction of Global Distribution of Cloud Cover Using Multimodel Ensemble
Psi-Chi Interactions in Hurricane Model Forecasts with Rapidly Changing          Intensity
Role of Diabatic Potential Vorticity during Hurricane Genesis
Salt Finger Fluxes in a Laminar Shear Flow
Seasonal and Interannual Variability of Tropical Diurnal Warming of Sea Surface          Temperatures
Short-Range QPF over Korean Peninsula Using Nonhydrostatic Mesoscale Model & "Future Time" Data Assimilation Based on Rainfall Nowcasting from GMS Satellite          Measurements
Skill of Synthetic Superensemble Hurricane Forecasts for the Canadian Maritime          Provinces
Spatiotemporal Variability and Prediction of Rainfall over the Eastern          Caribbean
Storm-Relative Eulerian Absolute Angular Momentum Tendency in Atlantic Tropical Cyclones
Superensemble Forecasts of Hurricane Track and Intensity Using a Suite of Mesoscale Models
Thermodynamic Evolution of Recurving Tropical Cyclone Bonnie (1998)
Using the Superensemble Method to Improve Eastern Pacific Tropical Cyclone Forecasting
Warm Season Mesoscale Superensemble Precipitation Forecasts