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Accurate and Precise Determination of Low Concentration Iron, Arsenic, Selenium, Cadmium, and Other Trace Elements in Natural Samples by Octopole Collision/Reaction Cell (CRC) Equipped Quadrupole-ICP-Ms
Aerosol Iron Solubility
Annual to Interannual Barotropic Variability in the Atlantic Western Boundary
Assessment of Mercury (II) Species Bioavailability Using a Bioluminescent Bacterial          Biosensor
Atmospheric Mercury Input to the Pensacola Bay Watershed
Dissolved Iron(II) in the Pacific Ocean
Effect of Diet and Low Dissolved Oxygen on Some Life History Parameters of Acartia Tonsa (Copepoda
Effects of Finite Amplitude Bottom Topography on Ocean Variability
Fluorimetric Detection of Total Dissolved Zinc in the Southern Indian Ocean
Multiple Isotopic Tracers for Study of Coastal Hydrological Processes
Stable Isotope Studies of Methane Production in Northern Wetlands
Submarine Groundwater Discharge
Using Radon Isotopes for Studying Hydrological Processes in Marine and Aquatic Systems
Variability of Deep-Sea Meiofaunal Abundances on the Continental Rise off the West Coast of the United States