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Assessing Storm Severity Using Lightning and Radar Information
Characteristics and GFS Forecast Accuracy of Intraseasonal Shifts in the Arctic Oscillation Index
Characteristics of Decaying Storms during Lightning Cessation at Kennedy Space Center          and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
Determining Surface Winds from Doppler Radar Data during Hurricane Passages over Florida
Developing a Unified Superset in Quantifying Ambiguities Among Tropical Cyclone Best          Track Data for the Western North Pacific
Development of a High-Resolution Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean Model and Applications Toward Understanding the Limiting Factors          for Tropical Cyclone Intensity Prediction
Effect of Radiative Transfer on the Atlantic Subtropical Anticyclone and Hurricane          Steering
Effects of Cumulus Parameterizations and Radiation Schemes on Tropical Cyclone Frequency and Structure
Evaluating Tropical Cyclogenesis Forecasts from Four Global Numerical Models
Evolution of Dropsonde-Derived Kinematic and Thermodynamic Structures in Developing and Non-Developing Atlantic Tropical Convective Systems
Investigation of Mesoscale Convective System Activity over Western Equatorial Africa
Observed Changes in the Atmospheric Surface Layer during Prescribed Agricultural Burns
Psi-Chi Interactions in Hurricane Model Forecasts with Rapidly Changing          Intensity
Thermodynamic Evolution of Recurving Tropical Cyclone Bonnie (1998)
Warm Seclusion Extratropical Cyclones