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Atmospheric Power-Law Behavior
Characteristics of Positive Cloud-to-Ground Lightning
Comparison of ECMWF and Quikscat-Derived Surface Pressure Gradients
Comparison of Wind Speed and Wind Stress in the Southern Ocean
Determination of the Quantity of Cloud Liquid in Snow Clouds and Its Effect on Masking          the Snow Scattering Signature
Determining Surface Winds from Doppler Radar Data during Hurricane Passages over Florida
Determining the Error Characteristics of H*WIND
Diagnostic Study of the Effects of Trough Interactions on Tropical Cyclone QPF
Effects of a Diurnal Sea Surface Temperature on Atmospheric Variability and Surface Fluxes
Effects of Gap-Wind-Induced Vorticity, the Monsoon Trough, and the ITCZ on Tropical Cyclogenesis
Effects of Sea State on Offshore Wind Resourcing in Florida
Evaluation of Bulk Heat Fluxes from Atmospheric Datasets
Evaluation of Surface Heat Flux Uncertainties and Their Impacts on the Study of Ocean Mixed Layer Temperature Variability
Evolution of Dropsonde-Derived Kinematic and Thermodynamic Structures in Developing and Non-Developing Atlantic Tropical Convective Systems
Evolution of Frontal Structure Associated with Extratropical Transitioning Hurricanes
Exploring Potential Applications of Quikscat Surface Winds and Gps Radio Occultation Data to Tropical Cyclone Initialization and Prediction
Global and Regional Diagnostic Comparison of Air-Sea Flux Parameterizations during Episodic Events
Ingredients-Based Examination of U.S. Severe Tornado Alleys Using Reanalysis Data
Low-Frequency Variations of the Sea Breeze in Florida
Modeled Diurnally Varying Sea Surface Temperatures and Their Influence on Surface Heat Fluxes
Rendition of the Atlantic Warm Pool in Reanalyses
Resolving the Diurnal and Synoptic Variance of Scatterometer Vector Wind          Observations
Robustness of the Heat Released from the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Cell to the Atmosphere
Seasonal and Interannual Variability of Tropical Diurnal Warming of Sea Surface          Temperatures
Skill Assessment and Benefits on Applying the New Weather Research and Forecast Model to National Weather Service Forecast Operations
Tropical Cyclone Eyewall Slope as Determined from Radar Reflectivity Data
Tropical Cyclone Inner-Core Dynamics
Uncertainty in Scatterometer-Derived Vorticity
Understanding the 21st Century Projection of the Wet Season over the Southeastern United States
Validation of TRMM 3B43 over Equatorial Africa