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Effects of Sensory Cues on Quantity and Quality of Utterances in Conversation Groups with Individuals with Dementia
Comparison of Three in-Service Methods on Improvements in the Objectives Developed by Speech-Language Pathologists
Investigating Early Relationships Between Language and Emergent Literacy in Three and Four Year Old Children
Examining Relations Among Expressive Phonology, Phonological Processing, and Early Decoding Skills in Children
Rhetorical Terrorism
Targeting Skills Based on a Developmental Play Assessment
Corporate Public Relations Practitioners' Perceptions of Program Evaluation and Encroachment Effect
Influence of Stimulus Modality and Interstimulus Interval in Computerized Measures of Verbal Working Memory Performance in Parkinson's Disease
Reaction Time and Parkinson's Disease
Effects of Scripted Storybook Reading on Young Children and Mothers from Low-Income Environments
Effect of Feedback Schedules and Number of Practice Trials on Motor Retention of Novel Speech Behaviors
Effects of a Family-Guided Routines-Based Intervention Program on Parents with Children Adopted Internationally
Improving the Vocabulary of Low SES Students with Developmental Delays
Effect of Word Position on Initial Acquisition of Mental Orthographic Images of Novel Words
Effects of Interactive Books on Phonological Awareness Skills in Pre-Kindergarten Children from Low-Income Environments
Early Red Flags for Autism Spectrum Disorders in Toddlers in the Home Environment
Non-Mainstream American English and First Grade Children's Language and Reading Skills Growth
Joint Engagement Skills of Children at Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder
Florida Assessments for Instruction in Reading (FAIR) - Expressive Vocabulary Measure
Effects of Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation on Acoustic and Perceptual Measures of Vocal Function Across Body Types
Linguistic Feature Development in Elementary Writing
Proposing a Theoretical Framework for Digital Age Youth Information Behavior Building Upon Radical Change Theory
Young English Language Learners' Cognate Sensitivity on Picture-Word Recognition and Production
Examining the Contributions of Syntactic Awareness and Syntactic Knowledge to Reading Comprehension
Relation Among Age, Gender, and Oral/Palatal Dimensions on Anterior and Posterior Lingual-Palatal Pressures in Healthy Adults
Symbol Use in the Home Environment in Toddlers Suspected of Having Autism Spectrum Disorder
Concurrent and Predictive Validity of the IGDI-ECI for Toddlers with Communication Delays
Impact of Dialect Use, Executive Functioning, and Metalinguistic Awareness on Dialect Awareness
Teacher's Use of Nonfiction Text in Third Grade Classrooms
Exploring Coaching Strategies in a Parent-Implemented Intervention for Toddlers
Use of Mobile Device Applications to Teach Caregivers to Embed Naturalistic Teaching Strategies in Daily Routines
Analysis of Errors Produced by Individuals with Aphasia, Across Conditions of High and Low Word Frequency
Collaborative Service Delivery
Minority Adolescent Perceptions of Perceived Risk of Hearing Loss and Hearing          Conservation Measures
Effects of Lexical Cognitive Loading on Parameters of Gait in Neurotypical Young          Adults
Early Social Interaction Project for Toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Perceptions Regarding Bilingualism and Telepractice of Families of Spanish-English Dual Language Learners
Observation of Social Communication Red Flags in Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Delay, and Typical Development Using Two Observation          Methods
Social Communication Profiles of Toddlers with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder from Three Racial/Ethnic Groups
Examination of Maximum Isometric Lingual Pressure and Total Oral Phase Duration in the Healthy Adult Swallow
Peer-Mediated Intervention and Technology
Instructor Language and Student Active Engagement in Elementary Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Quality of Life After A Total Laryngectomy
Effects of Cognitive Load on Parameters of Gait in Traumatic Brain Injury; a Case          Study
Relationship Between Performance on Narrative Language Samples and Standardized          Language Tests for Young English Language Learners
Comparison of Motor Learning Guided and Sound Production Treatment Approaches for Training Novel Speech in Healthy          Adults
Effects of Simultaneous Lexical-Semantic Linguistic Load on Parameters of Gait in Healthy Young and Elderly          Individuals
Acoustic Measures of Stress in Childhood Apraxia of Speech
Transfer of Vocabulary Knowledge Across Languages in English Language Learners