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Comparison of Nasalance Between Trained Singers and Non-Singers
Influence of Stimulus Modality and Interstimulus Interval in Computerized Measures of Verbal Working Memory Performance in Parkinson's Disease
Effects of Cognitive-Linguistic Load on Measurements of Gait in Healthy Elderly
Effect of Feedback Schedules and Number of Practice Trials on Motor Retention of Novel Speech Behaviors
Effects of Lingual Effort on Measures of Swallow Function in Head and Neck Cancer
Effects of Cognitive Load on Gait in Older Adults
Effects of Auditory Distraction on the Early Lexical-Semantic Retrieval Skills of Young Spanish-Speaking English Language Learners
Physiological Correlates of Word Retrieval
Influence of Non-Semantic Gesture on Low-Frequency Lexical Retrieval
Relation Among Age, Gender, and Oral/Palatal Dimensions on Anterior and Posterior Lingual-Palatal Pressures in Healthy Adults
Analysis of Errors Produced by Individuals with Aphasia, Across Conditions of High and Low Word Frequency
Effects of Lexical Cognitive Loading on Parameters of Gait in Neurotypical Young          Adults
Examination of Maximum Isometric Lingual Pressure and Total Oral Phase Duration in the Healthy Adult Swallow
Quality of Life After A Total Laryngectomy
Effects of Cognitive Load on Parameters of Gait in Traumatic Brain Injury; a Case          Study
Comparison of Motor Learning Guided and Sound Production Treatment Approaches for Training Novel Speech in Healthy          Adults
Effects of Simultaneous Lexical-Semantic Linguistic Load on Parameters of Gait in Healthy Young and Elderly          Individuals