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Alumni Organizational Identification and Motivation
Might Blaming the News Media Be Beneficial to Democracy?
Aereo, Copyright, and the Public Interest
Influence of Safe Sex Messages in Entertainment on Norm Accessibility and Related Normative Predictors of Behavior
How China Is Represented in Communication Journals a Content Analysis of Three Leading Publications from 1979-2013
Public Diplomacy or Propaganda
What Reagan Said to the Evangelicals
Inside the Echo Chamber
He Leans to the Right
Refusing to Play by the Rules
Corporate Social Responsibility in the Energy Industry
Watching with Virtual Crowds
Rhetoric, Religion, and Representatives
Predictive Factors of Clinical Trial Participation
When Appearance and Language Disagrees
Citizens' Political Information Behaviors during Elections on Twitter in South Korea
Inspecting the News
Socially Inclusive Role of Curatorial Voice
How to Maximize Self-Efficacy in Health Messages?
Evaluating Uses and Adoption of Media Innovations in Disaster Warnings
Crisis Preparation
Appearance-Related Comparisons Mediate the Relationship between Instagram Use and Body Image Concerns
Information Exchanged in Mentoring Between Faculty Advisors and Their Doctoral Students
Nuclearization as National Security a Comparative Analysis of Framing and Frame Building in Indian and Pakistani Newspapers
Company Benefits and Social Benefits
Seeing Is Believing
Media Stereotype Effects on the Social Identity of Appalachians