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Age-related changes of gene expression in the neocortex
Allostatic Load and Personality
Anxiety sensitivity risk reduction in smokers
Association between Sleep Disturbances and Depression among Firefighters
Comparison of health utility weights among elderly patients receiving breast-conserving surgery plus hormonal therapy with or without radiotherapy.
Comparison of oxygenation in peripheral muscle during submaximal aerobic exercise, in persons with COPD and healthy, matched-control persons.
Examining an underlying mechanism between perceived stress and smoking cessation-related outcomes.
Feeling Older and the Development of Cognitive Impairment and Dementia.
Gender specific profiles of white coat and masked hypertension impacts on arterial structure and function in the SardiNIA study.
Genetic and cellular studies highlight that A Disintegrin and Metalloproteinase 19 is a protective biomarker in human prostate cancer.
Genome-Wide Association and Exome Sequencing Study of Language Disorder in an Isolated Population.
Insomnia and suicide-related behaviors
investigation of the association of genetic susceptibility risk with somatic mutation burden in breast cancer.
Is childhood trauma associated with lifetime suicide attempts in women with bulimia nervosa?
Kallikrein cascades in traumatic spinal cord injury
Lexical decision as an endophenotype for reading comprehension
Mediation analysis of relationships between chronic inflammation and quality of life in older adults.
Patient Opinions About Screening for Suicide Risk in the Adult Medical Inpatient Unit.
Perceived discrimination and personality development in adulthood.
Perceived weight discrimination mediates the prospective relation between obesity and depressive symptoms in U.S. and U.K. adults.
Perceived weight discrimination, changes in health, and daily stressors.
Personality and Cognitive Decline in Older Adults
Personality and Lung Function in Older Adults.
Personality traits and body mass index
Posttraumatic stress symptom severity and cognitive-based smoking processes among trauma-exposed treatment-seeking smokers
Prevalence and Factors Associated With Statin Use Among a Nationally Representative Sample of US Adults
Quantile Regression Approach to Understanding the Relations Among Morphological Awareness, Vocabulary, and Reading Comprehension in Adult Basic Education Students.
Remote Health Monitoring for Older Adults and Those with Heart Failure
sequential pathway between trauma-related symptom severity and cognitive-based smoking processes through perceived stress and negative affect reduction expectancies among trauma exposed smokers.
Soy protein supplementation does not cause lymphocytopenia in postmenopausal women.
Sustained smoking abstinence is associated with reductions in smoking-specific experiential avoidance among treatment-seeking smokers.
Tensile biomechanical properties of human temporomandibular joint disc
Unexpected Stealing From the Heart.
Valuation of active blind spot detection systems by younger and older adults.
value proposition for early physical therapist management of neck pain