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Cat in a hat or cat in a cap?
Cognitive correlates of listening comprehension
Componential skills of beginning writing
Comprehension Tools for Teachers
Considering word characteristics for spelling accuracy
Language, literacy, attentional behaviors, and instructional quality predictors of written composition for first graders
contributions of vocabulary and letter writing automaticity to word reading and spelling for kindergartners
Developmental Trajectories of Writing Skills in First Grade
Developmental, Component-Based Model of Reading Fluency
Dimensions of Discourse-Level Oral Language Skills and Their Relations to Reading Comprehension and Written Composition
Does Previewing Answer-Choice Options Improve Performance on a Reading Test?
Effect of a Multicomponent Literacy Instruction Model on Literacy Growth for Kindergartners and First-Grade Students in Chile
effects of orthographic consistency on reading development
Efficiency of Predicting Risk in Word Reading Using Fewer, Easier Letters
Expanding the Developmental Models of Writing
Eye movements and parafoveal processing during reading in Korean
Is academic language use a separate dimension in beginning writing?
Is oral/text reading fluency a “bridge” to reading comprehension?
Kindergarten Predictors of Third Grade Writing
Language and cognitive predictors of text comprehension
Language and cognitive predictors of text comprehension
Language general and specific factors in letter acquisition
Long Term Effects of First Grade Multi-Tier Intervention
Predictors of reading skills for kindergartners and first grade students in Spanish
relation of linguistic awareness and vocabulary to word reading and spelling for first-grade students participating in response to intervention
Relations Among Oral Reading Fluency, Silent Reading Fluency, and Reading Comprehension
Relations of emergent literacy skill development with conventional literacy skill development in Korean
The relations of proper character introduction to narrative quality and listening comprehension for young children from high poverty schools
Text (Oral) reading fluency as a construct in reading development
Towards an understanding of dimensions, predictors, and gender gap in written composition
Unique Relation of Silent Reading Fluency to End-of-Year Reading Comprehension
Utility and Accuracy of Oral Reading Fluency Score Types in Predicting Reading Comprehension
Writing fluency and quality in kindergarten and first grade