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Academic Achievement Among Juvenile Detainees.
Are new generations of female college-student populations meeting calcium requirements
Attentional but not pre-attentive neural measures of auditory discrimination are atypical in children with developmental language disorder.
Behavioral genetic approach to the study of dyslexia.
Common genetic and nonshared environmental factors contribute to the association between socioemotional dispositions and the externalizing factor in children.
Comparison of whole-genome DNA methylation patterns in whole blood, saliva, and lymphoblastoid cell lines.
Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use for HIV Management in the State of Florida
Cross-informant symptoms from CBCL, TRF, and YSR
Effect of Digoxin Use Among Medicaid Enrollees With Atrial Fibrillation.
Examining the factor structure and etiology of prosociality.
Examining the Factor Structure and Structural Invariance of the PANAS Across Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults.
Exploration of anxiety sensitivity and distress tolerance as vulnerability factors for hoarding behaviors.
Factor structure and aetiological architecture of the BRIEF
Gender and agreement processing in children with developmental language disorder.
Gender specific profiles of white coat and masked hypertension impacts on arterial structure and function in the SardiNIA study.
Genome-Wide Association and Exome Sequencing Study of Language Disorder in an Isolated Population.
Identifying learning patterns of children at risk for Specific Reading Disability.
Impact of a low-intensity pedagogical model for integrating MedlinePlus exercises into middle school nutrition lessons.
Improving Adolescent Health Risk Assessment
Intergenerational transmission of relationship aggression
Internalizing Symptoms, Peer Substance Use, and Substance Use Initiation.
John Henryism Active Coping as a Cultural Correlate of Substance Abuse Treatment Participation Among African American Women.
Kallikrein cascades in traumatic spinal cord injury
Latino parent acculturation stress
Lexical decision as an endophenotype for reading comprehension
Lexical processing deficits in children with developmental language disorder
Marijuana use and viral suppression in persons receiving medical care for HIV-infection.
Maternal cigarette smoking during pregnancy and the trajectory of externalizing and internalizing symptoms across childhood
Negative affect shares genetic and environmental influences with symptoms of childhood internalizing and externalizing disorders.
Parent-Reported Bullying and Child Weight Gain between Ages 6 and 15.
Parental educational attainment and adult offspring personality
Parents' Perceptions of Their Children as Overweight and Children's Weight Concerns and Weight Gain.
Personal and cultural identity development in recently immigrated Hispanic adolescents
Personality traits and body mass index
Quantile Regression Approach to Understanding the Relations Among Morphological Awareness, Vocabulary, and Reading Comprehension in Adult Basic Education Students.
Removal From Play After Concussion and Recovery Time.
Risk Factors for Substance Misuse and Adolescents' Symptoms of Depression.
Same or different? Insights into the etiology of phonological awareness and rapid naming.
Schooling and variation in the COMT gene
Spelling well despite developmental language disorder
Temperament and body weight from ages 4 to 15 years.
Trajectories of cultural stressors and effects on mental health and substance use among Hispanic immigrant adolescents.
Understanding the Home Math Environment and Its Role in Predicting Parent Report of Children's Math Skills.
Utilization of Alcohol Treatment Among HIV-Positive Women with Hazardous Drinking.
When Emotional Pain Becomes Physical
White Coat Adherence Occurs in Adolescents With Type 1 Diabetes Receiving Intervention to Improve Insulin Pump Adherence Behaviors.