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"To Benefit the World by Whatever Means Possible"
Acknowledging the Religious Beliefs Students Bring into the Science Classroom
Affirmative Action and Diversity
Climatic Warmth and National Wealth
Coastal Resilience and Climate Adaptation Planning
Collaboration at Arm's Length
Collaboration with Pharmacy Services in a Family Practice for the Medically          Underserved
Community Built Environment Factors and Mobility Around Senior Wellness Centers
Constructing a Historiography of Mexican Women and Gender
Creating connected open space in Florida
Determinants of Chicago Neighborhood Homicide Trajectories
Developing Archival Information Package (AIP) for Florida Digital Archive (FDA) using          Metadata Encoding Transmission Standard (METS)
Developing small worlds of e-science
Diatomscapes Exposé – How Faculty and Digital Librarian Collaborate to          Promote and Preserve the Passion of the Research (CP3R) for Digital Futures
Does Sprawl Induce Affordable Housing?
ETD Access and Discovery
Ethnicity, Education, and the Temporal Stability of Personality Traits In the East          Baltimore Epidemiologic Catchment Area Study
Examining the Influence of Multidestination Service Orientation on Transit Service          Productivity
Exploring Adolescents' Thinking about Globalization in an International          Education Program
extent and context of human health considerations in London's spatial          development and climate action strategy
Florida's Planning Requirements and Affordability for Low-Income Households
Fostering the Common Good
Framework to Explore Lifelong Learning
Gender and Media Studies
Green Infrastructure and Public Health in the Florida Communities Trust Public Land          Acquisition Program
Greenway Accessibility and Physical Activity Behavior
Greenways as green magnets
Heritage Protocol Online Inventory & Submission Process
inclusion of health in county comprehensive planning
Influence of RET's on Elementary and Secondary Teachers'          Views of Scientific Inquiry
Learning in Politics
Local Environment of Neighborhood Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORC) in          a Mid-Sized U.S. City
Locational influence of land use type on the distribution of uses along urban river          greenways
Making Sense of a Globalizing World
Narrating Resilience
Negotiating the Global and National
Neighborhood urban form, social environment, and depression
Planning for Cars in Cities
Planning for the disposal of the dead
Projecting Landscapes of Death
Promoting Active Communities Award
Public Health Ecology
Putting the Capital "E" Environment Into Ecological Models of Health
Relationship between Transit Ridership and Urban Decentralization
Rethinking the Social Studies Curriculum in the Context of Globalization
Tallahassee Civil Rights Oral History Collection, "Enhancing Access to          Historically-Significant Archival Collections
Understanding the Induction of a Science Teacher
US Fire Learning Network
Using GIS to model the effects of green space accessibility on mortality in          Florida
Welcoming Animals Back to the City