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Community Greenway Routed Near Schools
Coproduction as a Service Delivery Mechanism
County-Level Effects of Green Space Access on Physical Activity
Creating connected open space in Florida
Denitrification in the Uranium and Nitrate-Contaminated Terrestrial Subsurface
Development Impact Fees
Ecosystem Services Assessments as a Planning Tool in Florida
Emerging issues in urban ecology
Evaluation of Coastal and Marine Spatial Plans
Exploratory Analysis Of Revealed Pedestrian Paths As Cues For Designing Pedestrian Infrastructure
Exploring the Effects of Formalised, Targeted Municipal Food Planning Initiatives on Access to Healthy Food
extent and context of human health considerations in London's spatial          development and climate action strategy
Female Genital Cutting in Burkina Faso
Green Infrastructure and Public Health in the Florida Communities Trust Public Land          Acquisition Program
Green Infrastructure, Ecosystem Services, and Human Health
Greenway Accessibility and Physical Activity Behavior
Greenways as green magnets
If We Build It, We Will Play
inclusion of health in county comprehensive planning
Listening for Locality
Locational influence of land use type on the distribution of uses along urban river          greenways
Nature and Death
Neighborhood urban form, social environment, and depression
New Overland Flow Accumulation Algorithm with Enhanced Adaptability for Terrain Surface and Its Application in Distributed Hydrological Modeling
New Urbanism on the Ground
Nuclearization as National Security a Comparative Analysis of Framing and Frame Building in Indian and Pakistani Newspapers
Planning for the disposal of the dead
Portrayal of Natural Environment in the Evolution of the Ecological Public Health                 Paradigm
Private, Public, and Collaborative Engagements in Environmental Issues
Projecting Landscapes of Death
Promoting Active Communities Award
Public Health Ecology
Putting the Capital "E" Environment Into Ecological Models of Health
Racial and Ethnic Trends in Vaccination Coverage among Adolescents
Racial, Ethnic, and Class Variation in Exposure to Environmental Toxins
Role of the Behavioral Inhibition and Activation Systems in the Stress Process
Self-Organized Interorganizational Networks for Collaborative Emergency Management
Social Geographies at Play
Stochastic Modeling of Epidemic Diseases Considering Dynamic Contact Networks and Genealogy Information
Structuring Collaborative Implementation on US National Forests
Sustainability, Smart Growth and the Improvement of Public Health
Using GIS to model the effects of green space accessibility on mortality in          Florida
Walkability Indexes, Perceptions, and Walking Behaviors of Older Adults