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1-Type of Algebraic K-Theory as a Multifunctor
Algorithms for Computing Congruences Between Modular Forms
Algorithms for Solving Linear Differential Equations with Rational Function Coefficients
Analysis of Conjugate Harmonic Components of Monogenic Functions and Lambda Harmonic Functions
Analytic Approach to Estimating the Required Surplus, Benchmark Profit, and Optimal Reinsurance Retention for an Insurance Enterprise
Characteristic Classes and Local Invariants of Determinantal Varieties and a Formula for Equivariant Chern-Schwartz-MacPherson Classes of Hypersurfaces
Chern Classes of Sheaves of Logarithmic Vector Fields for Free Divisors
Chern-Schwartz-Macpherson Classes of Graph Hypersurfaces and Schubert Varieties
Closed Form Solutions of Linear Difference Equations
Constructing Non-Trivial Elements of the Shafarevich-Tate Group of an Abelian Variety
Effective Methods in Intersection Theory and Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry
Factoring Univariate Polynomials over the Rationals
Finding All Bessel Type Solutions for Linear Differential Equations with Rational Function Coefficients
Hypergeometric Solutions of Linear Differential Equations with Rational Function Coefficients
Intersection Numbers of Divisors in Graph Varieties
Lagrangian Specialization via Log Resolutions and Schwartz-MacPherson Chern Classes
On Elliptic Fibrations and F-Theory Compactifications of String Vacua
On Picard 2-Stacks and Length 3 Complexes of Abelian Sheaves
Periods and Motives
Predegree Polynomials of Plane Configurations in Projective Space
Principal Elements of Mixed-Sign Coxeter Systems
Solutions of Second Order Recurrence Relations
Solving Linear Differential Equations in Terms of Hypergeometric Functions by ₂-Descent
Third Order A-Hypergeometric Functions