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Evolutionary Constraints on Plasticity in the Anti-Herbivore Defenses of Solanum Carolinense
Expression and Impact of Parent-Offspring Conflict in Natural Populations of the Least Killifish, Heterandria Formosa
Foraging Dynamics of Juvenile Spot (Leiostomus Xanthurus) in a River Dominated Estuary, Apalachicola Bay, Florida
Influence of Morphology, Skeletal Characteristics, and Investment in Defensive Chemistry on the Growth,          Reattachment, and Regeneration of Caribbean Coral Reef Sponges and Its Application to Coral Reef Restoration
Influence of Oceanographic Processes on Recruitment and Gene Flow in the Temperate Rockfish Sebastes Melanops
Parental Effort and Parasite Resistance in the Red-Bellied Woodpecker (Melanerpes Carolinus)
Plant Responses to Joint Effects of Herbivores and Pollinators
Reproductive Isolation and Hybridization Dynamics in Threatened Caribbean Acroporid Corals
Role of Environment and Genetics in the Demography of Introduced and Natural Populations of the Endangered Shrub Conradina          Glabra
Role of Thyroxine in Spadefoot Toad Development
Roles of Allorecognition and Larval Interactions in the Fusion of Swimming Sponge Larvae
Selection on a Modified Genetic Network with a Novel Artificial Link in Drosophila Melanogaster
Trophic Dynamics of Spotted Seatrout (Cynoscion Nebulosus) in a River-Dominated Coastal Estuary, Apalachicola Bay, Florida