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Werner Egk and Joan Von Zarissa
Victory in the Cradle
Transition from the Individual to the Global Level; Language and Identity Formation in German Literature and Culture
Poets of Duisburg
Peering Through the Lens of Dinshwai
New Perspective on Post-Migration German Identity
Miracle Tales
Meaning of the Eternal Feminine in Goethe's Drama Faust
May Ayim
Loki Model
Just Business?
Irmgard Keun's magnifying glass
Identity (De-)Formation in the Jungles of the Amazon
German National Identity in Elfried Jelinek's "Wolken.Heim"
Georg Büchner's Woyzeck
Gabriele Münter Als Gründungsmitglied Des Blauen Reiters
Frog Kings
Barbara Honigmann's Autobiographical Writing in Damals, Dann und Danach, eine Liebe aus          Nichts, and Roman von einem Kinde
Analysis of Light Metaphors in Goethe's Faust
Analyse der Identität in der Fremdliteratur
Abjection and Adoption in Lessing, Kleist, and Kafka