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Siegfried Kracauer and the Photographic Image of the Angestellten
Doing a Real Job
Europa and the Bull
Now I Am in Distant Germany, It Could Be That I Will Die
Gestapo, Critics, and Social Control Selective Enforcement in the Rhineland, 1933-1944
Bridge to Victory
Cut from Different Cloth
Choctaw Club
Art "Vexed to Nightmare"?
Rhetorical Pop
Italian Occupations of Ethiopia and Cephalonia
Victory in the Cradle
Crimes Unpunished
Never Forget
Empire of the Mind
Conflict, Cooperation, and the World's Legal Systems
Danes, Orientalism and the Modern Middle East Perspectives from the Nordic Periphery
Empire, Terror, and Human Rights
"As Blond as Hitler"
From Pearl Harbor to Peace
U.S. Army's 2nd Ranger Battalion
Casualties of Unification?
Evolution of German-Jewish Intermarriage Laws and Practices in Germany to 1900
Romanian Media in Transition
Rise and Fall of a Revolutionary