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2D Affine and Projective Shape Analysis, and Bayesian Elastic Active Contours
Bayesian Tractography Using Geometric Shape Priors
Class of Mixed-Distribution Models with Applications in Financial Data Analysis
Class of Semiparametric Volatility Models with Applications to Financial Time Series
Comparative mRNA Expression Analysis Leveraging Known Biochemical Interactions
Developing SRSF Shape Analysis Techniques for Applications in Neuroscience and Genomics
Elastic Functional Principal Component Analysis for Modeling and Testing of Functional Data
Elastic Functional Regression Model
Estimation and Sequential Monitoring of Nonlinear Functional Responses Using Wavelet Shrinkage
Framework for Comparing Shape Distributions
Functional Component Analysis and Regression Using Elastic Methods
Generalized Mahalanobis Depth in Point Process and Its Application in Neural Coding and Semi-Supervised Learning in Bioinformatics
Geometric Approaches for Analysis of Images, Densities and Trajectories on Manifolds
Intensity Estimation in Poisson Processes with Phase Variability
Investigating the Use of Mortality Data as a Surrogate for Morbidity Data
Matched Sample Based Approach for Cross-Platform Normalization on Gene Expression Data
Matched-Sample-Based Normalization Method
Mixed-Effects Models for Count Data with Applications to Educational Research
Multistate Intensity Model with AR-GARCH Random Effect for Corporate Credit Rating          Transition Analysis
Nonparametric Nonstationary Density Estimation Including Upper Control Limit Methods for Detecting Change Points
Novel Riemannian Metric for Analyzing Spherical Functions with Applications to HARDI Data
Parametric and Nonparametric Spherical Regression with Diffeomorphisms
Riemannian Shape Analysis of Curves and Surfaces
Robust Function Registration Using Depth on the Phase Variability
Shape Based Function Estimation
Sparse Feature and Element Selection in High-Dimensional Vector Autoregressive Models
Statistical Approach to an Ocean Circulation Inverse Problem
Statistical Modelling and Applications of Neural Spike Trains
Statistical Shape Analysis of Neuronal Tree Structures
Stochastic Models and Inferences for Commodity Futures Pricing
Tools for Statistical Analysis on Shape Spaces of Three-Dimensional Object
Trend and Variable-Phase Seasonality Estimation from Functional Data
Univariate and Multivariate Volatility Models for Portfolio Value at Risk