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Bayesian Inference and Novel Models for Survival Data with Cured Fraction
Bayesian Models for Capturing Heterogeneity in Discrete Data
Bayesian Semiparametric Joint Model for Longitudinal and Survival Data
Building a Model Performance Measure for Examining Clinical Relevance Using Net Benefit Curves
Examination of the Concept of Frailty in the Elderly
Examination of the Relationship between Alcohol and Dementia in a Longitudinal Study
High-Dimensional Statistical Methods for Tensor Data and Efficient Algorithms
Median Regression for Complex Survey Data
Multivariate Binary Longitudinal Data Analysis
One-and Two-Sample Problem for Data on Hilbert Manifolds with Applications to Shape Analysis
Predictive Accuracy Measures for Binary Outcomes
Shape Constrained Single Index Models for Biomedical Studies
Sparse Generalized PCA and Dependency Learning for Large-Scale Applications Beyond Gaussianity
Spatial Statistics and Its Applications in Biostatistics and Environmental Statistics
Tests and Classifications in Adaptive Designs with Applications