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Age Effects in the Extinction of Planktonic Foraminifera
Estimation and Sequential Monitoring of Nonlinear Functional Responses Using Wavelet Shrinkage
Fused Lasso and Tensor Covariance Learning with Robust Estimation
Intensity Estimation in Poisson Processes with Phase Variability
Logistic Regression, Measures of Explained Variation, and the Base Rate Problem
Methods of Block Thresholding Across Multiple Resolution Levels in Adaptive Wavelet Estimation
Non-Parametric and Semi-Parametric Estimation and Inference with Applications to Finance and Bioinformatics
Nonlinear Multivariate Tests for High-Dimensional Data Using Wavelets with Applications in Genomics and Engineering
Nonparametric Change Point Detection Methods for Profile Variability
Nonparametric Data Analysis on Manifolds with Applications in Medical Imaging
Nonparametric Detection of Arbitrary Changes to Distributions and Methods of Regularization of Piecewise Constant Functional Data
Nonparametric Nonstationary Density Estimation Including Upper Control Limit Methods for Detecting Change Points
Nonparametric Wavelet Thresholding and Profile Monitoring for Non-Gaussian Errors
Optimal Linear Representations of Images under Diverse Criteria
Practical Methods for Equivalence and Non-Inferiority Studies with Survival Response
Prediction and Testing for Non-Parametric Random Function Signals in a Complex System
Relationship Between Body Mass and Blood Pressure in Diverse Populations
Scalable and Structured High Dimensional Covariance Matrix Estimation
Shape Constrained Single Index Models for Biomedical Studies
Statistical Models on Human Shapes with Application to Bayesian Image Segmentation and Gait Recognition
Survival Analysis Using Bayesian Joint Models
Time Scales in Epidemiological Analysis
Wavelet-Based Bayesian Approaches to Sequential Profile Monitoring