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Changes in twenty-six paranoid-schizophrenic patients rehospitalized, Veterns administration hospital, Gulfport, Mississippi, 1959
A study of the possible factors pertaining to the failure of 48 patients to respond to the recommendation for psychiatric treatment as recommended in the evaluation clinic, psychiatric clinic, University of Alabama Medical College, Birmingham, Alabama bet
A comparison of the severity of illness in intake patients in 1950 and 1957 in the Veterans Administration Mental Hygiene Clinic, Miami, Florida
Factors contributing to the breaking of appointments by twenty-five individuals, January-July, 1956, Institute, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, Florida
An analysis of the responses of ninety relatives of mental patients to form letters from the Social Service Department, the Bryce Hospital, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
Thirty-seven Patients evaluated by the Neuropsychiatric Therapeutic Review Committee from April 27, 1959 through June 11, 1959, Veterans' Administration Hospital, Augusta, Ga
Selected characteristics of fifty-six non-florida resident patients at the Florida State Hospital, Chattachoochee, Florida
A descriptive follow-up study of forty-one patients evaluated by the Neuropsychiatric Therapeutic Review Committee From March 25, 1959 through June 20, 1959, U.S. Vetrens Administration Hospital, Augusta, Georgia
Attitudes of relatives toward the mental illness of the 102 patients of the Veterns Administration Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Gulfport Mississippi, 1959.