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Beta Decay Studies of Neutron-Rich ³⁰,³¹Al and in-Beam Studies of Neutron-Rich ³⁰Al
Changing Geomagnetic Field from the Ionosphere to the Core-Mantle Boundary
Dynamical Studies of Antiferromagnetic Exchange Interactions in Low Dimensional Quantum          Spin Systems
Epitaxial Films of Chromium Dioxide from a New Precursor (Cr₈O₂₁) and Research on Their Application in Spin-Electronic Devices
Femtosecond Electron Pulse as an Ultrafast Probe
Investigations into Complex Liquid Crystal Mixtures
Measurement of Polarization Observables in the Electro-Excitation of the Proton to Its First Excited State
Molecular and Electronic Transport in Solid-State/Organic Hybrid Nanostructures
Nuclear Structure of Neutron Rich ²⁶Na and the Lifetimes and Electromagnetic Transitions in Neutron Rich ²²F
Role of Defects in Possible Superfluidity of Spatially Ordered Helium
Spin Dynamics of Density Wave and Frustrated Spin Systems Probed by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Spin-Dependent Transport in Ferromagnet-Based Devices
Symmetry and Control in Spin-Based Quantum Computing