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Coordinated Gambling Feedback Processing Indexed by Feedback Negativity and Reward          Positivity ERP Components, and Pupil Dilation
Cross-sectional and temporal association between non-suicidal self-injury and suicidal ideation in young adults
Driven to Distraction?
Examining an underlying mechanism between perceived stress and smoking cessation-related outcomes.
experimental study of some aspects of the nature of pattern perception and reproduction
Influence of Parenthood on Perceptions of Warmth and Competence
Integratibility of Words and Their Referents into Embodied Representations
Parental Perception of Weight Status and Weight Gain Across Childhood.
Personality Traits Prospectively Predict Verbal Fluency in a Lifespan Sample
Relationship between rhythmic perception and rhythmic performance
sequential pathway between trauma-related symptom severity and cognitive-based smoking processes through perceived stress and negative affect reduction expectancies among trauma exposed smokers.
Suicidality prospectively predicts greater urges to smoke following a cessation attempt
test of the interpersonal theory of suicide in a large sample of current firefighters.
Trait Dissociation and the Subjective Affective, Motivational, and Phenomenological          Experience of Self-Defining Memories
Validation of an Older GOMS Parameter for Short-Term Auditory Memory Store