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Behavioral Reactivity to Social Defeat Stress after Nicotine Exposure during          Adolescence in C57/BL6 Male Mice
Caffeine and Self-Control
Cognitive and Behavioral Effects of Adolescent Exposure to Nicotine
Coordinated Gambling Feedback Processing Indexed by Feedback Negativity and Reward          Positivity ERP Components, and Pupil Dilation
Effect of Physical and Emotional Stress on Nicotine Consumption in Male          Mice
Effects of Paternal Deprivation on the Social and Anxiety-like Behavior in Male and Female Prairie Voles
Ego Depletion and Changes in the Premenstrual Phase
Estradiol Modulates the Anorexic Response to Central Glucagon-like Peptide 1
Neural Basis for Learned Behavior
Neurobiology of Social Defeat and Social Buffering in the Female Prairie          Vole
Novel Sites of Oxytocin Receptor Expression in the Mouse Periphery and Modulation of Pupillary Behavior by Oxytocin
Psychophysical Assessment of the Role of the T1R Proteins in the Taste Transduction of Amino Acids and Maltodextrins
Reduced P300 Amplitude In Externalizing And Depression
Reward Positivity, but Not Feedback Negativity, Is Sensitive to Reward History (Trial Sequence Reward Context)
Role of Oxytocin
Social and Parental Experience Affects Histone H3 Acetylation in the Prairie Vole Brain