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Effects of Stress on the HPA-Axis of Adolescent Mice
Predicting Fruit and Vegetable Intake with the Theory of Planned Behavior
Relationship of Perinatal Depression and Medical Comorbidity on Negative Birth          Outcomes
Ego Depletion and Changes in the Premenstrual Phase
Behavioral Reactivity to Social Defeat Stress after Nicotine Exposure during          Adolescence in C57/BL6 Male Mice
Reduced P300 Amplitude In Externalizing And Depression
Does the Association Between "Fat-Talk" and Disordered Eating Depend on Age and Gender
Biopsychosocial Prenatal Predictors of Postpartum Depression
Screening for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in a Naturalistic Home Setting Using the Systematic Observation of Red Flags (SORF) at 18-24 Months