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Agreement between Parent and Teacher Ratings of Problem Behaviors
Assessment of Motivation for Literacy in Preschoolers
Assessment of Preschool Vocabulary
Bilingual Advantage on Tasks of Interferernce Suppression and Response Inhibition Among Language Minority Youth
Can Externalizing Behaviors Be Altered by an Early Reading Intervention?
Child, Teacher, and Parent Reports of Motivation and Their Predictive Relations to Reading Achievement and Reading Quantity
Cognitive and Motivational Processes Underlying ADHD and Early Academic Skills in Preschool Children
Cognitive Control of Acute Symptoms during a 35% Co2 Challenge
Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Effortful Control
Developing Emergent Literacy Skills
Do Different Versions of the Continuous Performance Test Measure the Same Constructs?
Early Social Communication Predictors of Preschool Emergent Literacy Skills in Toddlers 18-24 Months of Age
Emergent Literacy Screeners for Preschool Children
General versus Specific Aspects of Self-Regulation as Predictors of Academic Skills and Internalizing Symptoms
Getting Warmer
Head to Toes Approach to Computerized Testing of Executive Functioning in Young Children
Informal Number-Related Mathematics Skills
Language Minority Children’s Sensitivity to the Semantic Relations Between Words
Latent Structure of Child Depression
Lexical Characteristics of Words and Phonological Awareness Skills of Preschool Children
Modeling the Development of Prereaders' Phonological Processsing Skills
Monitoring Growth in Early Reading Skills
Oppositional Defiant Disorder Symptom Dimensions
Preschool Externalizing Behavior Mediates the Relation Between Temperament and Emergent          Literacy
Rapid Automatized Naming as a Predictor of Children's Reading Performance
Relationships Betweeen Measures of Word Knowledge and Reading Comprehension in Third- and Seventh-Grade Children
Relationships Betweeen Measures of Word Knowledge and Reading Comprehension in Third-Grade Children
Repetitive Behaviors in Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Across Two Parent-Implemented Intervention Conditions
Structure and Nature of Executive Functions in 3- and 4-Year-Old Children