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Agreement between Parent and Teacher Ratings of Problem Behaviors
Assessing the Clinical Utility of Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation in the Treatment of Anxious Arousal and Sensory             Hypersensitivity
Assessing the Independence of Explicitly- and Implicitly- Assessed Relationship Evaluations
Classification of Suicide Ideators and Attemtpers with Machine Learning Techniques
Cognitive and Motivational Processes Underlying ADHD and Early Academic Skills in Preschool Children
Differential Associations between Two Characterizations of Impulsivity and Suicide Attempts and Lethality
Disengagement Training for the Treatment of Pathological Worry
Disentangling Antisocial Predispositions in Adolescence
Distinguishing between Moral Judgments and Prejudiced Attitudes
Do Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Have Set Shifting Deficits?
Effects of Military Service Experience on Psychiatric Symptoms among U.S. Firefighters
Empirical Investigation of Social Exclusion, Attachment to Possessions, and Saving Behaviors
Empirically Testing a Causal Risk Factor Candidate for Ptsd
Examination of the Mechanisms Driving Long-Range Prime-to-Target Structural Priming
Examining Sex Differences and the Effects of Videogame Experience on Development of Manual Control Skill in a Novel Action          Videogame
Home Math Environment and Math Achievement
Influence of Disturbing Dreams on One's Acquired Capability for Suicide
Influence of Parental Eating Pathology and Family Characteristics on Parental Concern about Children's Weight at 10 Year Follow Up
Interplay between Trait Disinhibition and Neural Reward Sensitivity in Substance Problems
Interpretation Bias Modification for Body Dysmorphic Disorder
It's Not You, It's Me
Mate-Retention Behaviors Mediate the Association between Spouses' Attachment Insecurity and Subsequent Partner Satisfaction
Matter of Priority
Predicting Autism Spectrum Disorder from Combinations of Early Social Communication Skills Utilizing Decision-Learning Trees
Processes Underlying Ran Predicting Reading Fluency
Religiosity Both Increases and Decreases Deontological and Utilitarian Dilemma Response Inclinations
Reward Sensitivity and Stress as Predictors of Antenatal Depression
Role of Fingers in Adults' Numerical Processing
Self-Photo Editing and Its Effect on Eating Disorder Risk in College Students
Self-Recognition of an Eating Disorder and Treatment-Seeking Behavior
Status of Suicidality Prediction Research
Suicide Acceptability Malleability
Suicide-Related Internet Use's Effects on Suicide Risk and Fearlessness about Death
Systemic Sexism Perception and Antisexist Motivation Predict Men and Women's Collective Action Orientation
Task Switching under Threat of Shock
Threat-Related Attentional Bias, Cognitive Control, and Temperament in Young Children
To Recognize or Not to Recognize
Two Sides of the Same Coin
Using Frequency Tagging to Study the Effect of Category Learning on Visual Attention to Object Parts
When Buying Milk, Do You Care about the Cow?
Working Memory and Emotion Regulation in ADHD