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Restorative and Retributive Justice Techniques
From Laughter to Learning
Cool but Correct
Effect of Economic Globalization on Transnational Terrorism a Pooled Time Series Analysis
Best Laid Plans, Laid to Rest
School Choice and Segregation in Florida
New Descriptive Representation in the White House and African Americans' Sense of External Political Efficacy
Elites, Crime, and Democratic Support in Latin America
"Gimme Shelter"™
Effects of Framing and Emotion on Public Policy Opinions
Student Body President Television Pilot Development
Perceptions of Americans and the Iraq Invasion
Role of Hip-Hop Music and Culture
Importance of Sea Power
Becoming American
History and Activism in Regards to the FDA Ban Against Homosexual Males from Donating          Blood
Colonial Autonomy
"Trafalgar Square Conservation Area"
School Choice and Segregation in Florida
Nature of Consultative Status
Muted Candidate
Breivik's Sanity
Fair Trade and Indigenous Peoples
Will Financial Literacy Impact Students' Financial Decisions?
Voter-Party Linkage Strategies and Democratic Survival
Analysis of Recent Legislation on Religious Attire in France
Education, State Ballot Initiatives Banning Same-Sex Marriage, and Attitudes Toward          Homosexuals in 2004
Charter School Performance vs. Public School Performance in Florida, an FCAT Score          Evaluation
Torture and States
Media, Belief Updating, and Iraq's Missing Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)          Program
Effects of Gender, Religiosity, and Partianship on Support for the Supreme Court's          Decision in Gonzales v. Carhart (2007)