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"Do unto others"? Distinct psychopathy facets predict reduced perception and tolerance of pain.
Anxiety sensitivity mediates gender differences in post-concussive symptoms in a clinical sample.
Anxiety sensitivity risk reduction in smokers
Association between anger rumination and autism symptom severity, depression symptoms, aggression, and general dysregulation in adolescents with autism spectrum disorder.
Association between Sleep Disturbances and Depression among Firefighters
Causal evidence for lateral prefrontal cortex dynamics supporting cognitive control.
Childhood self-control predicts smoking throughout life
Comorbid sleep disorders and suicide risk among children and adolescents with bipolar disorder.
Cross-sectional and temporal association between non-suicidal self-injury and suicidal ideation in young adults
Decomposing fear perception
Deficits in Access to Reward Are Associated with College Student Alcohol Use Disorder.
Distress intolerance as a moderator of the relationship between daily stressors and affective symptoms
Distress intolerance during smoking cessation treatment.
Does Suicidal Ideation Influence Memory? A Study of the Role of Violent Daydreaming in the Relationship Between Suicidal Ideation and Everyday Memory.
Eating disorder-specific risk factors moderate the relationship between negative urgency and binge eating
Examining an underlying mechanism between perceived stress and smoking cessation-related outcomes.
Genetic and environmental associations between body dissatisfaction, weight preoccupation, and binge eating
Heterogeneity in ADHD
Insomnia and suicide-related behaviors
Is childhood trauma associated with lifetime suicide attempts in women with bulimia nervosa?
Is Insomnia Lonely? Exploring Thwarted Belongingness as an Explanatory Link between Insomnia and Suicidal Ideation in a Sample of South Korean University Students.
Limitations of a single-item assessment of suicide attempt history
Maternal Socioeconomic Status Influences the Range of Expectations During Language Comprehension in Adulthood.
Neural Correlates of the Propensity for Retaliatory Behavior in Youths With Disruptive Behavior Disorders.
Oppositional defiant disorder dimensions
Patient Opinions About Screening for Suicide Risk in the Adult Medical Inpatient Unit.
Posttraumatic stress symptom severity and cognitive-based smoking processes among trauma-exposed treatment-seeking smokers
Pubertal development and anxiety risk independently relate to startle habituation during fear conditioning in 8-14 year-old females.
role of interpersonal personality traits and reassurance seeking in eating disorder symptoms and depressive symptoms among women with bulimia nervosa.
role of stressful life events preceding death by suicide
sequential pathway between trauma-related symptom severity and cognitive-based smoking processes through perceived stress and negative affect reduction expectancies among trauma exposed smokers.
Sustained smoking abstinence is associated with reductions in smoking-specific experiential avoidance among treatment-seeking smokers.
test of the interpersonal theory of suicide in a large sample of current firefighters.
Trait Anger and Partner-Specific Anger Management Moderate the Temporal Association Between Alcohol Use and Dating Violence.
Treatment non-response
Understanding the Home Math Environment and Its Role in Predicting Parent Report of Children's Math Skills.
Weight suppression and bulimic syndrome maintenance
When Emotional Pain Becomes Physical