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Angular Decay Coefficients Of J/psi Mesons At Forward Rapidity From P Plus P Collisions At Root S=510 Gev
Constraints On Large-x Parton Distributions From New Weak Boson Production And Deep-inelastic Scattering Data
Delta(c) Semileptonic Decays In A Quark Model
Enhanced Threshold Resummation Formalism For Lepton Pair Production And Its Effects In The Determination Of Parton Distribution Functions
Higgs Boson Production In Association With B Jets In The Powheg Box
Measurements Of Omega(-) Branching Fractions
Photoproduction Of K+ K- Meson Pairs On The Proton
Precision Measurement Of The Hadronic Contribution To The Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment
Review Of Particle Physics Particle Data Group
Search For Supersymmetry In Pp Collisions At Root S=8 Tev In Final States With Boosted W Bosons And B Jets Using Razor Variables
Single-spin Asymmetry Of J/psi Production In P Plus P, P Plus Al, And P Plus Au Collisions With Transversely Polarized Proton Beams At Root S(nn)=200 Gev
Soft Collinear Effective Theory For Gravity
Topological Charge And Cooling Scales In Pure Su(2) Lattice Gauge Theory