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Challenges in Characterizing Membrane Proteins and Intrinsically Disordered Regions Involved in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Cell Division
Characterization of a Novel CRISPR Type II-C Cas9 Endonuclease from Bacterial Thermophile Acidothermus Cellulolyticus 11B
Computational Simulations of Vortex Waves Interacting with Heterogeneities
Dynamics of the M2 Proton Channel of Influenza A Gating by Val₂₇ and Trp₄₁
Early Secretory Mechanism and Progress Toward Structural Determination of the Voltage-Gated Potassium Channel Kv1.3
Experimental and Computational Studies on DNA Electrophoresis in Lyotropic Polymer Liquid Crystals
Exploring Protein Interactions Using Orthogonal Space Tempering
Insights into the Complex Formation between Nucleoside Diphosphate Kinase and a Highly Polymorphic DNA G-Quadruplex
Investigation into the Effect of the S2 Domain of Smooth Muscle Myosin II on Its Interactions with F-actin
Lipid-Protein Interactions Defined by Multi-Frequency EPR
Mathematical Model of Cerebral Cortical Folding Development Based on a Biomechanical Hypothesis
Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Gene Knockout Compensation in Pancreatic B-Cells
Maximizing Electron Signal
Novel FT-ICR Ion Trap for Ultra-High Resolution Mass Spectrometry and Its Biological Application
Novel Insights into the Mechanisms Involved in the Biogenesis of Copii-Coated Vesicles
Orthogonal Space Tempering Scheme and Its Application to Complex Biomolecular Processes
Predicting the Thermodynamic Properties of Proteins Using Computer Simulations
Scroll Waves and How They Interact with Non-Reactive Spheres, Tori, and Knots
Structural and Biochemical Characterization of snoRNP Assembly Factors
Structural and Functional Characterization of Escherichia Coli Assimilatory Sulfite Reductase
Structural Insights into the R2TP Complex
Structure Study of Myosin Filament, Z-Disc and HIV Envelope Protein
Symmetry and Simplicity in Protein Evolution and Design
Theory and Applications of Surface Energy Transfer for 2-20 Nm Diameter Metal Nanoparticles