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Antiprejudice among White Americans and the Proactive Fight to End Discrimination Toward Black Americans
Assessing the Independence of Explicitly- and Implicitly- Assessed Relationship Evaluations
Behavioral Treatment of Feelings of Incompleteness
Cognitive Miserliness Preserves the Self-Regulatory Resource
Components of Anti-Muslim Prejudice
Concerns about Misidentification as Gay/Lesbian and Fear of Sexual Advances
Counting Sleep
Distinguishing between Moral Judgments and Prejudiced Attitudes
Effect of Social Exclusion on Close Relationships
Evaluation of a Computerized Multi-Session Interpretation Modification Program for the Treatment of Anger
Examining Potential Bias in Pre-Service Teachers’ Interpretations of Students’ Reading Abilities
Expert-Performance Approach to the Study of the Development of Understanding during Complex Learning
Five Minutes of Fame
Gender Norms, Sex, Sexual Orientation, and Suicidal Behavior
Glucose Allocation during Self-Regulation as a Function of Cognitive Assumptions, Role Motivations, and Monetary Incentives
Hopelessness Regarding Thwarted Belongingness and Perceived Burdensomeness
I Forgive You, but Don't Do It Again!
Imagining Is Believing
Influence of Ethnic Identity on Anxiety Symptoms
Pitfalls of Prestige
Predictors of Treatment Attrition Among Individuals with Suicidal Ideation Seeking Treatment at a University-Based Outpatient Clinic
Rapid Affective Processing Event-Related Potentials and Externalizing Psychopathology Correlates
Reducing Eating Disorder Risk Factors Among Gay College-Aged Males
Role of Authority Figures' Approval in Anti-Muslim Aggression
Seasonality in Attempted and Completed Suicide Using Emergency Department Data
Selective Disclosure in Self-Reported Suicide Risk Screening
Sex Ratio, Sociosexual Orientation, and Intrasexual Aggression
Testing the Efficacy of Two Prevention Interventions for Individuals at Risk for Suicide and Depression
Validating the Personality Inventory for DSM-5