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Allostatic Load and Personality
Breastfeeding and Adult Personality.
Cognitive Impairment, Dementia, and Personality Stability Among Older Adults.
Does Knowing Hurt? Perceiving Oneself as Overweight Predicts Future Physical Health and Well-Being.
Feeling Older and the Development of Cognitive Impairment and Dementia.
Five-Factor Model of Personality and Physical Inactivity
Genetic variants associated with subjective well-being, depressive symptoms, and neuroticism identified through genome-wide analyses.
How and why weight stigma drives the obesity 'epidemic' and harms health.
Maternal cigarette smoking during pregnancy and the trajectory of externalizing and internalizing symptoms across childhood
Meta-analysis of Genome-Wide Association Studies for Extraversion
Parent-Reported Bullying and Child Weight Gain between Ages 6 and 15.
Parental educational attainment and adult offspring personality
Parental perception of child weight and inflammation
Parental Perception of Weight Status and Weight Gain Across Childhood.
Parents' Perceptions of Their Children as Overweight and Children's Weight Concerns and Weight Gain.
Perceived discrimination and personality development in adulthood.
Perceived weight discrimination, changes in health, and daily stressors.
Personality and actigraphy-measured physical activity in older adults.
Personality and Body Weight
Personality and Cognitive Decline in Older Adults
Personality and Frailty
Personality and Lung Function in Older Adults.
Personality and sleep quality
Personality traits and body mass index
Personality traits and risk of cognitive impairment and dementia.
Physical Activity and Personality Development over Twenty Years
Psychological well-being and risk of dementia.
Sensory functioning and personality development among older adults.
Sources of Weight Discrimination and Health.
Subjective Age and Dementia.
Subjective age and risk of incident dementia