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Career Decision Making Experiences of College Students in the Visual Arts
Career Indecision, Negative Career Thoughts, and Vocational Interest Structure of First-Generation and Other College          Students
Career Information-Seeking Behavior
Career Portfolio Completion and Student Interviewing Skills (Technical Report No. 56)
Career State Inventory (CSI) as a Measure of Readiness for Career Decision Making
Career State Inventory (CSI) as a Measure of the Career Decision State and Readiness for Career Decision Making
Comparison Study of the Paper, Personal Computer (PC), and Internet Versions of Holland’s Self-Directed Search
Creating a Research Database on Holland's Theory and Practical Tools
Current Status of Career Services at Colleges and Universities
Differential Feature Cost Analysis of Discover for Adult Learners and SIGI Plus
Effect of Guided Questioning on Student Achievement, Self Regulatory Behavior, and          Self-Efficacy in a Biology for Non Majors Class
Effects of College Career Courses on Learner Outputs and Outcomes
Examination of the Relationship Between Level of Communication Apprehension and Career Thoughts
Exploration of Profile Elevation on the Self-Directed Search
Feature Analysis of Career Information Delivery Systems (CIDS)
FSU Online Career Portfolio Program (CPP)
Goal Instability in Relation to Career Thoughts, Career Decision State, and Performance          in a Career Development Course
Holland Perspective on the U.S. Workforce from 1960 to 1990
Holland Perspective on the U.S. Workforce from 1960 to 2000
Impact of a Career Course on Retention and Academic Performance
National Comparison of the Use of Discover and SIGI
National Survey of the Use of Discover and SIGI
Partial Listing of Instruments That Can be Used as a Component of Readiness          Assessment
Process Evaluation of a Career Course
Relationships Among Calling, Religiousness, and Dysfunctional Career Thoughts in Public University Students
Relationships Among Initial Conditions, Career Path Development, and Career Path Satisfaction
Relationships Among Neuroticism, Dysfunctional Career Thoughts, and Coping Strategies
Relationships Among Overt and Covert Narcissism and Vocational Interests with Respect to Gender
Self-Directed Search Interest Profile Elevation, Big Five Personality Factors, and Interest Secondary Constructs in a College Career Course
Strategies for Developing, Managing, and Evaluating a Successful Career Course for 45 Years Technical Report No.59
Using Grades to Evaluate a Career Course
Using Interest Inventory Profile Elevation to Predict Depression and Anxiety in Individuals with Disabilities Resulting from a Personal Injury
Using the Self-Directed Search: Career Explorer With High-Risk Middle School Students