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ACU Workforce Column
Addressing Disparities in Academic Medicine
Communities Committed to Underserved Care
Does Dietary Fat Reduction Alter the Risk of Cardiovascular Events in Women?
Does levonorgestrel emergency contraceptive have a post-fertilization effect? A review of its mechanism of action.
How Long Should Antibiotic Therapy Be Continued for an Uncomplicated, Symptomatic Lower          UTI in an Elderly Woman?
Impact of a Creative Arts Journal on a Medical School Community
Inner City Community Oriented Primary Care to Improve Medical Student Skills and Combat          Obesity
Interventions for Heart Failure
Is Calcitonin Useful for Reducing the Pain of Acute Osteoporotic Fractures?
Is Laparoscopic or Open Surgery Better to Prevent Recurrence of an Inguinal Hernia in          an Adult Man?
Is Uterine Artery Embolization (UAE) Safe and Effective for Treatment of Uterine          Fibroids?
Letter to the Editor
Medical Residents' and Practicing Physicians' e-Cigarette Knowledge and Patient Screening Activities
Racial Disparity in the Associations of Microalbuminuria and Macroalbuminuria with Odds          of Hypertension
Should Coenzyme Q10 Be Used to Lower Blood Pressure in Asymptomatic Patients?
State-Level Progress in Reducing the Black-White Infant Mortality Gap, United States, 1999-2013.
Status of underrepresented minority and female faculty at medical schools located within Historically Black Colleges and in Puerto Rico
Status of underrepresented minority and female faculty at medical schools located within Historically Black Colleges and in Puerto Rico.
Students' Perceptions of the Impact a Creative Arts Journal Has on Their Medical          Education
Substance Abusing Patients in the Primary Care Setting
Successful Reorganization of an Interdisciplinary Underserved Practice
Training Medical Students to Recognize and Address Health Disparities
Underrepresented Minority Faculty in Academic Medicine
University of Florida's Commitment to Recruit Family Physicians
Washing Feet and Clipping Toenails
What Are Effective Treatments for Painful Varicose Veins?
What Are the Best Nonpharmacologic Treatments for Urinary Incontinence in          Women?
What Are the Best Treatments for Reducing Pain Due to Compression Fractures?
What Are the Causes of Systolic Murmurs in Young Children?
What Are the Most Effective Methods for Managing General Psychosocial Stress?
What Are the Risks of Oral Contraceptives in Patients with Cardiovascular Disease Risk          Factors?
What Can Be Done to Slow Progression of Dementia in the Elderly?
What Common Food Additives Can Cause Acute, Nonallergic Symptoms?
What is the Best Nonpharmacologic Therapy for Phantom Limb Pain?
What is the Best Prophylaxis for Menstrual Migraine?
What is the Best Treatment for an Adult Whose Asthma Exacerbation Has Not Completely          Responded to 5 Days of Oral Corticosteroids?
What is the Best Treatment for an Adult with an Umbilical Hernia?
What is the Best Treatment for Exercise-Induced Asthma?
What is the Best Treatment for Patients of All Ages with Community-Acquired          Pneumonia?
What is the Best Treatment for Postinfluenza Pneumonia?
What is the Best Treatment for Symptomatic PVD in the Elderly?
What Methods Are Effective for Reducing the Incidence of Dental Caries?
What Question Set is Most Effective to Screen Chronic Pain Patients for Potential          Opioid Abuse?
What Therapies Are Effective for Relief of Chronic Vertigo Symptoms?
What Treatments Are Effective for Nickel Allergy?
What Treatments Are Effective for Symptomatic Benign Orthostatic Hypotension?
When is Heparin Indicated for the Management of Acute Stroke?
Which is the Best Surgical Incision/Technique for Cesarean Section?