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Alternative Composition Pedagogies
Ayn Rand's Heroes
Bodies at War
Books Are Pretty
Brother Dan
Crumbling Masculinities
Family Dynamics in American Literature
Fantasy of Victorian Cross-Dressing
Fashioning and Refashioning Marie Laveau in American Memory and Imagination
Female and Feminine, but Not Feminist
Future Is Open" for Composition Studies
Horse Show Circuit Part One
Influence of the Sentimental Novel and the Attendant Cult of True Womanhood on Four Novels by African American Women
Lydia Maria Child
Muse," and Other Short Stories
Natural, Civilized, Citizen
One Plus One Equals Three
Online Composition Classes Call for a Pedagogical Paradigm Shift
Political Priests
Politics of the Individual, the Power of the Machine
Program Anthologies, Classbooks, and Zines an Examination of Approaches to Publishing          First-Year Students' Work
Ready-Made Stories
Sacramental Unity in the Writing of C.S. Lewis
Significance of Course Content in the Transfer of Writing Knowledge from First-Year Composition to Other Academic          Writing Contexts
Student Discussion of Assigned Reading in Online Firstyear Writing Courses
Sylvester H. Scovel, Journalist, and the Spanish-American War
World War I Narratives and the American Peace Movement, 1920-1936
Writing the In(in) Between