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Towards an understanding of dimensions, predictors, and gender gap in written composition.
Text Comprehension Mediates Morphological Awareness, Syntactic Processing, and Working Memory in Predicting Chinese Written Composition Performance.
Response to Instruction in Preschool
Modeling Oral Reading Fluency Development in Latino Students
latent profile analysis of math achievement, numerosity, and math anxiety in twins.
Language-Independent and Language-Specific Aspects of Early Literacy
How Many Letters Should Preschoolers in Public Programs Know? The Diagnostic Efficiency of Various Preschool Letter-Naming Benchmarks for Predicting First-Grade Literacy Achievement.
Expanding the developmental models of writing
Examining General and Specific Factors in the Dimensionality of Oral Language and Reading in 4th-10th Grades.
Developmental Relations between Reading and Writing at the Word, Sentence and Text Levels
CBM Reading, Mathematics, and Written Expression at the Secondary Level
Capturing the complexity
Acquiring Science and Social Studies Knowledge in Kindergarten Through Fourth Grade