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Algorithms for Advanced Tropical Cyclone Visualization
Assimilation of Airs Radiance Observations into a Mesoscale Model
Characterization of Errors in Various Moisture Roughness Length Parameterizations
Comparison Between Satellite Observed and Dropsonde Simulated Surface Sensitive Microwave Channel Observations within and Around Hurricane Ivan
Developing a Unified Superset in Quantifying Ambiguities Among Tropical Cyclone Best          Track Data for the Western North Pacific
Development of a High-Resolution Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean Model and Applications Toward Understanding the Limiting Factors          for Tropical Cyclone Intensity Prediction
Effects of Cumulus Parameterizations and Radiation Schemes on Tropical Cyclone Frequency and Structure
Effects of Sea Surface Temperature Gradients on Surface Turbulent Fluxes
ENSO Event Reproduction
Experimental Forest Fire Threat Forecast
Impact of Airborne Dust on Sea Surface Temperature Retrievals
Improved Vegetation Characterization and Freeze Statistics in a Regional Spectral Model for the Florida Citrus Farming Region
Influence of Small-Scale Sea Surface Temperature Gradients on Surface Vector Winds and Subsequent Impacts on Oceanic Ekman          Pumping
Intercomparison of Numerically Modeled Flux Data and Satellite-Derived Flux Data for Warm Seclusions
Investigation of the Relationship Between the Yucatan Channel Transport and the Loop Current Area in a Multi-Decadal Numerical Simulation
North Atlantic Decadal Variability of Ocean Surface Fluxes
Observational Analysis and Retrieval of Snowfall Using Satellite Data at High Microwave Frequencies
Quantifying Variance Due to Temporal and Spatial Difference Between Ship and Satellite Winds
Quikscat-Derived Near-Surface Vorticity during Tropical Cyclogenesis
Trends in Maximum and Minimum Temperature Deciles in Select Regions of the United          States
Variability of Indian Ocean Surface Fluxes Using a New Objective Method
Vorticity-Based Detection of Tropical Cyclogenesis
Warm Seclusion Extratropical Cyclones