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Algorithmic Lung Nodule Analysis in Chest Tomography Images
Contact-Free Simulations of Rigid Particle Suspensions Using Boundary Integral Equations
Developing SRSF Shape Analysis Techniques for Applications in Neuroscience and Genomics
Diffusion Approximation of a Risk Model
Distributed Neural Network Models for Birdsong Production
Ensemble Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Algorithms for the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations
Evolutionary Dynamics of Bacterial Persistence under Nutrient/Antibiotic Actions
Exploration of the Role of Disinfection Timing, Duration, and Other Control Parameters on Bacterial Populations Using a Mathematical Model
Extending and Simplifying Existing Piecewise-Linear Homotopy Methods for Solving Nonlinear Systems of Equations
High-Order, Efficient, Numerical Algorithms for Integration in Manifolds Implicitly Defined by Level Sets
Insulin Secretion Rhythms
Low-Rank Riemannian Optimization Approach to the Role Extraction Problem
Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Gene Knockout Compensation in Pancreatic B-Cells
Modelling Limit Order Book Dynamics Using Hawkes Processes
Network-Theoretic and Data-Based Analysis and Control of Unsteady Fluid Flows
Neural Rule Ensembles
Overcoming Geometric Limitations in the Finite Element Method by Means of Polynomial Extension
Riemannian Optimization Methods for Averaging Symmetric Positive Definite Matrices
Statistical Shape Analysis of Neuronal Tree Structures
Using RBF-Generated Quadrature Rules to Solve Nonlocal Continuum Models