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Bayesian Analysis of Survival Data with Missing Censoring Indicators and Simulation of Interval Censored Data
Bayesian Modeling and Variable Selection for Complex Data
Bayesian Models for Capturing Heterogeneity in Discrete Data
Bayesian Wavelet Based Analysis of Longitudinally Observed Skewed Heteroscedastic Responses
Building a Model Performance Measure for Examining Clinical Relevance Using Net Benefit Curves
Comparative mRNA Expression Analysis Leveraging Known Biochemical Interactions
Elastic Functional Principal Component Analysis for Modeling and Testing of Functional Data
Elastic Functional Regression Model
Examination of the Relationship between Alcohol and Dementia in a Longitudinal Study
Examining the Effect of Treatment on the Distribution of Blood Pressure in the Population Using Observational Data
Fused Lasso and Tensor Covariance Learning with Robust Estimation
Generalized Mahalanobis Depth in Point Process and Its Application in Neural Coding and Semi-Supervised Learning in Bioinformatics
High Level Image Analysis on Manifolds via Projective Shapes and 3D Reflection Shapes
Influence Measures for Bayesian Data Analysis
Matched-Sample-Based Normalization Method
Multivariate Binary Longitudinal Data Analysis
New Approaches of Differential Gene Expression Analysis and Cancer Immune Evasion Mechanism Identification
Non-Parametric and Semi-Parametric Estimation and Inference with Applications to Finance and Bioinformatics
Nonparametric Change Point Detection Methods for Profile Variability
Nonparametric Detection of Arbitrary Changes to Distributions and Methods of Regularization of Piecewise Constant Functional Data
On the Statistical Modeling of Count Data in High Dimensions
Regression Methods for Skewed and Heteroscedastic Response with High-Dimensional Covariates
Robust Function Registration Using Depth on the Phase Variability
Scalable and Structured High Dimensional Covariance Matrix Estimation
Scalable Nonconvex Optimization Algorithms
Semi-Parametric Generalized Estimating Equations with Kernel Smoother
Semiparametric Bayesian Regression Models for Skewed Responses
Shape Constrained Single Index Models for Biomedical Studies
Small Area Estimation with Random Effects Selection
Spatial Statistics and Its Applications in Biostatistics and Environmental Statistics
Statistical Shape Analysis of Neuronal Tree Structures
Study of Some Issues of Goodness-of-Fit Tests for Logistic Regression
Testing for the Equality of Two Distributions on High Dimensional Object Spaces and Nonparametric Inference for Location Parameters
Tests and Classifications in Adaptive Designs with Applications
Volatility Matrix Estimation for High-Frequency Financial Data
Wavelet-Based Bayesian Approaches to Sequential Profile Monitoring