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"Trafalgar Square Conservation Area"
Bilateral Investment Treaty
Budgetary Tradeoffs and Public Sector Unions
Cause and Consequence
Choctaw Club
Choice and Satisfaction
Colonel Blotto Goes to Washington
Colonial Autonomy
Consumer Preferences and the Political Economy of Trade
Cool but Correct
Credible Commitment Institutions and Foreign Direct Investment
Essays on the Role and Function of Political Parties
Ethnic Violence in the Former Soviet Union
Foreign Policy and Transnational Terrorism
In the Best Interest of the Child
International Conflict and the Strategic Selection of Foreign Policy Advisors
Is Perception Reality?
Measuring the Impact of Partisanship on Mayoral Policy
Methods of Mapping and Analyzing Policy Networks Using Semantic Network Analysis
Moral Presentation of Self
Networks, Institutions and Individuals
Party Politics and Legislative Party Switching
Playing It Safe
Pork Politics
Predicting the Intensity and Location of Violence in War
Protest Meets Process
Right to Personal Integrityin International and Domestic Law
Role of U.S. Women Diplomats Between 1945 and 2004
Scope of Participation
Struggle for Power
Terrorism, Provocation, and Mobilization
Therole of Domestic Politics in Respect for Human Rights
Third-Party Peace Enforcement and Civil War Termination Bargaining
War and Rivalry
Who's the Fairest in the Land?