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A Pillar Pluckt
Beyond the Lecture Hall
Bible, the Classics, and the Jews in Pseudo-Hegesippus
Birthing Bodies and Doctrine
Environmental Religion and the American Transcendentalist Legacy
Establishing Disestablishment
Gatherings of the West
Ghost Dance Religion and National Identity
Greatest Blasphemy
Irreconcilable Worlds
John Leland, Baptists, and the Politics of Religious Freedom in New England
Local Diets, Global Foods
Mainline Protestantism, Scholarship, and the Twentieth Century Church Library Movement in the United States
Mighty Fortress
Occult Bodies
On the Outskirts of Babylon
Religion and the Birth of the American Intelligence State
Saccharine Terrorism
Sacred Reality
Sanctifying Myth
Savage Saints
Studies in Sefer Yosippon
Transcription and Preliminary Analysis of the Latin Text of Book Six of Josephus'          Jewish War in St. Gallen Latin Ms 627
Tsiu Marpo the Career of a Tibetan Protector Deity
Vernacular Mormonism