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Affective and Behavioral Dysregulation
African American and White Students' Reactions to Viewing a News Report of a Hate Crime
Assessing the Effectiveness of Modular Psychotherapy in a Community Clinic
Can Smaller Steps Lead to Greater Progress?
Depression, Hippocampal Volume Changes, and Cognitive Decline over Time in a Clinical Sample of Older Depressed Outpatients and          Non Depressed Controls
Experimental Test of the Escape Theory of Binge Eating
Gender Differences in the Association Between a Serotonin Transporter Gene Polymorphism and Psychopathology
Implications of Internal and External Motivation to Respond without Prejudice for Interracial Interactions
Increasing Adherence in Aging Interventions Using Action Video Games by Adding a Social Component
Melancholic Depression and Its Relationship to Cognitive Decline
Mental Health Among Hispanics and Caucasians
Neurcognitive Function and Dementia in Early versus Late-Onset Depression
Objectively-Assessed Sleep Disturbances as a Unique Suicide Risk Factor
Real-Time Evaluation of Emotional Cascades in Borderline Personality Disorder
Self-Verification and Self-Aggressive Behavior
Social Support and Depression Among Community Dwelling Older Adults
Stress, Race, and APOE
Suicidality and Impulsivity
Testing the Effectiveness of a List of Suicide Warning Signs for the Public