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Calculus III Students' Analytic and Visual Understanding of Surface Areas of Spheres, Cylinders, Pyramids and Prisms
Cognitive Processes during Problem Solving of Middle School Students with Different Levels of Mathematics Anxiety and Self Esteem
Describing Students' Pragmatic Reasoning When Using "Natural Mathematics Computer Interfaces (NMI)"
Exploration of Metacognition and Non-Routine Problem Based Mathematics Instruction on Undergraduate Student Problem Solving Success
Faculty Perceptions of A Calculus Reform Experiment at A Research University
How Graphing Calculators and Visual Imagery Contribute to College Algebra Students' Understanding the Concept of Function
Identification and Analysis of Pedagogical Techniques in Decartes' La Géométrie
Influence of Curiosity and Spatial Ability on Preservice Middle and Secondary          Mathematics Teachers' Understanding of Geometry
Instructional Implications of Social Justice Pedagogy on the Teaching of Mathematics
Investigation of College Students' Covariational Reasonings
Investigation of How African American Community College Students with Different Levels of Mathematics Anxiety Engage in Problem Solving Tasks
Longitudinal Analysis of Science Teaching and Learning in Kindergarten and First-Grade
Making Sense of Students' Understanding of Fractions
Nature of Pedagogical Practices Influenced by an Instructor's Beliefs in an Online          Mathematics Education Course
Performance, Motivation and Gender with Two Different Instructional Approaches in Geometry
Qualitative Study
Teacher Knowledge of Students and Enactment of Motivational Strategies in Teaching the Concept of Function
What Is the Nature of African American Teachers' Beliefs About Mathematics and How Do These Beliefs Relate to Their Beliefs About the Performance of African American          Mathematics Students?