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 3'-UTR and microRNA-24 regulate circadian rhythms by repressing PERIOD2 protein accumulation.
Acute Sleep Deprivation Blocks Short- and Long-Term Operant Memory in .
Aging and circadian dysfunction increase alcohol sensitivity and exacerbate mortality in Drosophila melanogaster.
Alteration Of Neuronal Excitability And Short-term Synaptic Plasticity In The Prefrontal Cortex Of A Mouse Model Of Mental Illness
Alteration of Neuronal Excitability and Short-Term Synaptic Plasticity in the Prefrontal Cortex of a Mouse Model of Mental Illness.
Awake, long-term intranasal insulin treatment does not affect object memory, odor discrimination, or reversal learning in mice.
Ca2+ Effects on ATP Production and Consumption Have Regulatory Roles on Oscillatory Islet Activity.
Circadian Homeostasis of Liver Metabolism Suppresses Hepatocarcinogenesis.
Differential role of calpain-dependent protein cleavage in intermediate and long-term operant memory in Aplysia.
Diverse Intrinsic Properties Shape Functional Phenotype Of Low-frequency Neurons In The Auditory Brainstem
Dual Detection System for Simultaneous Measurement of Intracellular Fluorescent Markers and Cellular Secretion.
Effects of pair bonding on parental behavior and dopamine activity in the nucleus accumbens in male prairie voles.
Examination of the Role of L-Glutamate and Inosine 5'-Monophosphate in Hedonic Taste-Guided Behavior by Mice Lacking the T1R1 + T1R3 Receptor.
GABAergic mechanisms contributing to categorical amygdala responses to chemosensory signals.
Genetic Dissection of Dual Roles for the Transcription Factor six7 in Photoreceptor Development and Patterning in Zebrafish.
Glucose Oscillations Can Activate an Endogenous Oscillator in Pancreatic Islets.
Heterogeneous organization and connectivity of the chicken auditory thalamus (Gallus gallus).
Hippocampal adult neurogenesis
Integrative analysis of sex differences in the rapid antidepressant effects of ketamine in preclinical models for individualized clinical outcomes.
Laminar Organization of Encoding and Memory Reactivation in the Parietal Cortex.
Liraglutide suppression of caloric intake competes with the intake-promoting effects of a palatable cafeteria diet, but does not impact food or macronutrient selection.
Locomotor sensitization to intermittent ketamine administration is associated with nucleus accumbens plasticity in male and female rats.
Margatoxin-bound quantum dots as a novel inhibitor of the voltage-gated ion channel Kv1.3.
Mitochondrial Ultrastructure and Glucose Signaling Pathways Attributed to the Kv1.3 Ion Channel.
Mtor Signaling Regulates Central And Peripheral Circadian Clock Function
neurobiology of pair bond formation, bond disruption, and social buffering.
Neurochemical Mediation of Affiliation and Aggression Associated With Pair-Bonding.
Neuromodulation in Chemosensory Pathways.
Neuronal Intrinsic Physiology Changes During Development of a Learned Behavior.
Neuropeptide Regulation of Social Attachment
Nutrient Sensing
Oxytocin receptor binding sites in the periphery of the neonatal mouse.
Paternal deprivation affects social behaviors and neurochemical systems in the offspring of socially monogamous prairie voles.
Postsynaptic Fmrp Regulates Synaptogenesis In Vivo In The Developing Cochlear Nucleus
Prediction of individual differences in fear response by novelty seeking, and disruption of contextual fear memory reconsolidation by ketamine.
Prostaglandin levels, vaginal innervation, and cyst innervation as peripheral contributors to endometriosis-associated vaginal hyperalgesia in rodents.
Proteomic analyses of nucleus laminaris identified candidate targets of the fragile X mental retardation protein.
Reinforcing properties of an intermittent, low dose of ketamine in rats
Reversal Learning Deficits Associated with Increased Frontal Cortical Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Tyrosine Kinase B Signaling in a Prenatal Cocaine Exposure Mouse Model.
Review: brain neurobiology of gambling disorder based on rodent models
Role of proteasome-dependent protein degradation in long-term operant memory in Aplysia.
role of ΔfosB in the medial preoptic area
Sex Differences in Effects of Ketamine on Behavior, Spine Density, and Synaptic Proteins in Socially Isolated Rats.
Temperature Influences Chorda Tympani Nerve Responses to Sweet, Salty, Sour, Umami, and Bitter Stimuli in Mice.
Thirst Increases Chorda Tympani Responses to Sodium Chloride.
ties that bond
Upregulation Of An Inward Rectifying K+ Channel Can Rescue Slow Ca2+ Oscillations In K (atp) Channel Deficient Pancreatic Islets
Upregulation of an inward rectifying K+ channel can rescue slow Ca2+ oscillations in K(ATP) channel deficient pancreatic islets.
Viral-mediated Zif268 expression in the prefrontal cortex protects against gonadectomy-induced working memory, long-term memory, and social interaction deficits in male rats.