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"Waiting to Fail" Redux
Academic Responding During Instruction and Reading Outcomes for Kindergarten Students At-risk for Reading Difficulties.
Advanced Reading Comprehension Expectations in Secondary School
Amount of Time in Print Reading in General Education Kindergarten Classrooms
Assessment Data-Informed Guidance to Individualize Kindergarten Reading Instruction
componential model of reading
Componential skills of beginning writing
Comprehension Tools for Teachers
contributions of vocabulary and letter writing automaticity to word reading and spelling for kindergartners.
Development of oral reading fluency in children with speech or language impairments
Early Literacy Instruction and Intervention.
Effectiveness of Early Phonological Awareness Interventions for Students with Speech or Language Impairments.
Evaluating the dimensionality of first-grade written composition.
Evidence-Based Reading Instruction for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Examination of Kindergarten Oral Language for African American Students
Examining the contribution of handwriting and spelling to written expression in kindergarten children.
Exploring the Amount and Type of Writing Instruction during Language Arts Instruction in Kindergarten Classrooms.
Home Literacy Environments of Young Children with Down Syndrome
Identifying and Intervening with Beginning Readers Who Are At-Risk for Dyslexia
Impact of Transcription Writing Interventions for First-Grade Students.
Kindergarten Predictors of Third Grade Writing.
longitudinal cluster-randomized controlled study on the accumulating effects of individualized literacy instruction on students' reading from first through third grade.
Modeling Oral Reading Fluency Development in Latino Students
Oral Reading Fluency Development for Children with Emotional Disturbance or Learning Disabilities.
Predicting First Grade Reading Performance from Kindergarten Response to Tier 1 Instruction.
Predicting kindergartners' end of year spelling ability from their reading, alphabetic, vocabulary, and phonological awareness skills, and prior literacy experiences.
Preparing beginning reading teachers
relation of linguistic awareness and vocabulary to word reading and spelling for first-grade students participating in response to intervention.
Relations among student attention behaviors, teacher practices, and beginning word reading skill.
Relationship of Print Reading in Tier I Instruction and Reading Achievement for Kindergarten Students At-Risk for Reading Difficulties.
Teaching Word Identification to Students with Reading Difficulties and Disabilities.
To Wait in Tier 1 or Intervene Immediately
Towards an understanding of dimensions, predictors, and gender gap in written composition.
Understanding Inadequate Response to First Grade Multi-Tier Intervention
Writing Evaluation
Writing fluency and quality in kindergarten and first grade