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‘Our Bonaparte?’
Beyond Assimilation, Before Nationalism
Confessions in Fiction, Opera, and Memoir
Cost of a Moral Army Masculinity and the Construction of a Respectable British Army 1850-1885
Doing a Real Job
Europa and the Bull
Fight Against 'Satan's Dominion'
Gestapo, Critics, and Social Control Selective Enforcement in the Rhineland, 1933-1944
Interpreting Gabriele d'Annunzio
James Fenimore Cooper 1820-1852 Book History, Bibliography, and the Political Novel
Jean Devémy and the Paris Conservatory Morceaux de Concours for Horn, 1938-1969
Now I Am in Distant Germany, It Could Be That I Will Die
Official Word
Progressive Protestants
Pursuit of Equality the Continuation of Colonialism in Vietnam
Re/Inscription and Return
relationships between several parameters which may be used to represent atmospheric vortices
Schlieffen, Politics, and Strategy
Some medieval contributions to political theory
United Divide