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tale of two cities: an analysis of factors for Genoese and Venetian expansion during the crusading era, as seen in their naval technology and tradition.
The Russian bell: did the Soviets alter the zvon?
Reformed fundamentalism in America
Railroad projects in territorial Florida
New Japan
Memorias de mujeres, metamorfosis de los modelos de identidad de las españolas en novelas adaptadas al cine en los 90
Marcus Antonius triumvir, 82-42 B.C., according to the sources
Kung-Fu Cowboys to Bronx B-Boys
Italian Occupation of Slovenia and the Aftermath of World War II
Illustrated American and the Lakota Ghost Dance
How Accurate Is Wikipedia?
History and its cultural value
Historia de las biografias de Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
Far from fields of glory
El control de la natalidad y el día de la madre
Debate of Pope Pius XII's Silence in the Holocaust
Cross-Cultural Look at a Meaningful Life and a Happy Life
Constructing a Historiography of Mexican Women and Gender
Classics and Digital Humanities
Bellwether Parish
Aggressive Philanthropy