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Marcus Antonius triumvir, 82-42 B.C., according to the sources
Illustrated American and the Lakota Ghost Dance
Constructing a Historiography of Mexican Women and Gender
El control de la natalidad y el día de la madre
History and its cultural value
Far from fields of glory
Kung-Fu Cowboys to Bronx B-Boys
Debate of Pope Pius XII's Silence in the Holocaust
Cross-Cultural Look at a Meaningful Life and a Happy Life
Railroad projects in territorial Florida
How Accurate Is Wikipedia?
Italian Occupation of Slovenia and the Aftermath of World War II
Reformed fundamentalism in America
The Russian bell: did the Soviets alter the zvon?
Aggressive Philanthropy
Classics and Digital Humanities
Historia de las biografias de Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
New Japan
Bellwether Parish
tale of two cities: an analysis of factors for Genoese and Venetian expansion during the crusading era, as seen in their naval technology and tradition.